The most advanced metaverse P2E gaming awaits its first-ever cricket game with exclusive NFTs !!! | by Kevingeller | Apr, 2022

While society is slowly climbing the ladders of economic growth after the disruption of a global pandemic, society still has room for innovations, enthusiasm, and entertainment. Mankind is trying to overcome the life-shattering disaster in multiple ways. As a measure, the entire society is trying to elevate the lives of each and boost the enthusiasm to move forward toward a better future. After the global pandemic, our society shows a strong emotion and power to overcome the crisis altogether by dedicating its utmost power and potential to double productivity and provide a better and safer environment for future generations.

When we strongly move toward a brighter and safer future, Innovations never failed to excite society with their magnificence in every aspect. Also, the entertainment and sports industry take a huge contribution in supporting mankind to overcome the disaster and boost their enthusiasm. while entire mankind is locked behind doors, the digital innovations we made gave a big hand to supporting lives with their profound service even from food and medications to live news, education, wellbeingand entertainment. The contribution of digital innovation supported many lives to overcome crises and even make money for their living even if they are completely locked. Also, These digital mediums supported the migrators to connect with their families, share their feelings, etc.

With these profound digital innovations and their irreplaceable services, Digital games paved a way to burn their time and even calories when they are completely locked behind doors hopeless. The evolution of Play-to-Earn games takes its chance here to offer its services to the wellness of society. This initiative and support to society from the gaming industry left the parents awestruck who spent their life worried about their children engaged with gaming consoles.

The innovation that propels our economy:

The nascent technology called blockchain started to bloom in the post-pandemic scenario with the hype created by bitcoin, the first well-known cryptocurrency that pierced the roof of the crypto market and modern economy. Impacting the country’s core financial sector, the sudden surge and hype created by bitcoin stimulated fintech to explore the technology with numerous questions and doubts. This innovation shows a glimpse of future finance and our mode of trade and economy. While this future deciding innovation showering its fortunes in various industries and manipulated by the hands of Individuals and private business giants. So the governments wanted to take control over the country’s core economy and imposed few regulations on crypto assets.

Here comes the excitement,

While blockchain technology is elevating multiple industries, it did not leave the gaming industry behind. the transparency, security, and anonymity that supported the fintech to delve deeper into the blockchain, it also attracted the gamers to evolve with the modern technology and its extensive monetization abilities. The phenomenal innovation from the crypto world called NFTs flipped the entire crypto market upside down with its revolutionary features and unique characteristics. These NFTs surged to their heights with a market volume of 21.33 billion in just one year. No other crypto asset pegged such volume in the history of crypto. As the unique characteristics of NFT particularly targeted elevating creativity, It supported phenomenal artists and other creators to onboard the mainstream to experience the magnificence of NFT and its unique use cases. It doesn’t stop there. These NFTs introduced a new dimension of existence in a decentralized network called metaverse and acted as the economy of the virtual ecosystem. Metaverse being the mutation of traditional digital games, the incorporation of the Play-to-earn concept rewarded the gamers with exiting crypto fortunes with utmost transparency and security. This dragged professional gamers to enter the world of crypto and to experience the advancements of metaverse games with real-time rewards.

The Meta cricket league:

While the gaming industry takes a revolutionary change with the intervention of NFTs, a phenomenal game enters the metaverse with an exceptional genre, keeping the entertainment and sport in mind, a Singapore based crypto venture “Guardian link” introduces the most awaited cricket game “Meta cricket league “in the metaverse where NFTs plays a crucial role in the journey of the entire game. The players can collect this nft and lead your favorite cricket team to win the league with exceptional real-time rewards and NFTs.

These most valuable NFTs are hitting the world of crypto on April 22 in its exclusive marketplace called “Jump. trade“Collect your favorite players and assets in the form of NFTs and join the most awaited cricket league in the metaverse. While collecting NFTs reap exceptional fortunes joining the cricket league in metaverse will shower you fortunes in every league along with the collected NFTs that generate a passive income in the market while these NFTs shimmer in the metaverse.

Collect your crypto fortunes:

While the gaming industry involves in serious evolution, it’s the right time for gamers to be an early adopter and explore the tricks to reap crypto fortunes. Collect the most anticipated cricket NFT drops from JUMP.trade and join the with the title of Meta cricket league. Load your wallet and stay updated for the launch which is on April 22, 2022.

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