Education Board prepares to review budget report

The Gilpin County Board of Education reviewed the school budget format for the past school year at their November 15, 2022, board meeting in the Gilpin County School Board room.

The Board members were very happy with adjustments to the formatting of the budget which has been adjusted to make the readability of the documents much better. The school has remained largely within budget this year, even as communication over health insurance for employees has been difficult at times throughout the year. Teachers have spoken to the Board in previous meetings about not receiving all of their promised coverage. The Board says that those delays in coverage were part of the growing pains that come with any switch to new health insurance. “As has been pointed out in other public meetings, a few mistakes were made,” Superintendent Dr. David MacKenzie said during the evaluation and review. He added, “Or maybe made a lot of mistakes, but we’re correcting them as we go.”

MacKenzie also took the time to thank new business services employee Joe Tinucci, who has been helping to create more open communication about the school’s budget and finances. “I know more today about payroll than I’ve ever known in the nine years that I’ve been here,” Superintendent Dr. David MacKenzie said.

The Board also heard an update on the Colorado School Board (CASB) association meeting. The Board voted with the majority of Colorado boards in all but three issues. After the CASB faced some questions of competence in the last year, several measures were introduced in the last sessions suggesting either restructuring or completely redoing the Board. This measure was postponed for further revision until December.

The Board then gathered the Principal Reports for the elementary and secondary schools. Heather Huntoon reported that teacher parent conferences saw an attendance number of 94% this year. She also highlighted the elementary student council’s achievements, since they had attended having attended the Image Summit conference. Secondary Principal Alexis Donaldson informed the Board that the latest online training had been a success and that a new interventionist position of the school proved helpful to the students.

Members of the Junior National Honors society Kiara Ferante, Justin Kennedy, and Kaylee Harmsen presented to the board. They highlighted their favorite parts of their experience at Gilpin County Schools so far.

The Board also viewed a piece done by high school student artist Lane Willis whose abstract piece will hang in the school board room until the end of the academic year. Curt Halsted, art teacher at Gilpin County Schools, acknowledged Willis as one of his star students. They also heard from Gilpin County School sophomore Austin Ebers as part of their student engagement initiative.

The Gilpin County School Board meets bi-monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. Board meetings are held in the Gilpin County School Board room at 7 pm and are open to the public.

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