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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The Candles Holocaust Museum is reminding locals of the importance of education during a time of war.

Many world leaders are now saying some of the recent Russian attacks are specifically targeting civilians. They say Russian strikes have hit schools, hospitals, and residential buildings throughout the past few weeks.

These ongoing targeted attacks are now taking some historians back to World War II and the Holocaust, a time when Jewish people were specifically targeted and killed for their religious identities.

The Executive Director of Candles says it’s important to continue to educate ourselves about the past world wars, so we can better understand this war.

The continued education, he hopes, will help make sure what is happening between Russia and Ukraine never happens again there or anywhere else.

“We say in the Holocaust world ‘Never Again,’ meaning we tell the stories of what happened 80 years ago so it never happens again,” Troy Fears, the Executive Director of Candles, said. “But, unfortunately, we are seeing it happen now. That means now more than ever is the time for us to be telling those stories of the survivors of Eva Kor and other genocides going on all across the world so those things never happen again. We have to do everything in our power as humans to be able to tell these stories and stop these atrocities from happening. “

For more information on the Candles Holocaust Museum, click here.


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