Simple lessons learned in the stillness of summer

Dante wrote about the nine circles of hell, but I’ve discovered the 10th — shopping for school supplies. I used to enjoy it. After all, the possibilities of a blank sheet of wide-ruled notebook paper are limitless. Still, there is a downside to the scavenger hunt to find plastic folders with prongs, binders by the inch and a pencil bag for the 72 mechanical pencils on the list. Am I shopping for a small village or a fourth grader?

School supplies shopping means summer is over.

I had many reasons for waiting until the day before school starts to go and every one of them began with the word “denial.” Admittedly, denial is a beautiful place to live. Every time I ignored the school supply ads filling my Sunday newspaper, I felt as if I stretched summer a little further. The same marketers who put Christmas decorations out before Halloween candy weren’t stealing one day of summertime bliss from my family.

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