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April 10, 2022

Meet the Candidates and Vote!

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Below you will find the candidates’ information in regards to the SGA Elections taking place the week of April 18, information about the upcoming debate and how to cast your vote! Please take a moment to go over them because your vote matters and helps to determine who the next SGA administration will be, and what they will focus on for the 2022-23 academic school year!

Meet the Candidates

Introducing the candidates to be the next SGA Executive President:

James Olatunji

  • Major: Computer Science
  • “Join me and let us BRIDGE THE GAP in making Montclair State the University that we Love.”

Richard J. Steiner-Otoo

  • Major: Geography Environmental and Urban Studies
  • Minor: Political Science
  • “There are over 21,000 students who make up the student body in Montclair State and I want to see every student benefit from the resources that the Student Government Association has to offer.”

Introducing the candidates to be the next SGA Executive Vice President:

Kate Mora

  • Major: Jurisprudence
  • Minor: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  • “I am running for this position because I believe in change. I want to see this campus flourish in positivity and growth. I believe my political views and promises to act upon will distinctly allow this. ”

Introducing the candidates to be the next SGA Executive Treasurer:

Diana Anyansi

  • Major: Business Administration with Finance Concentration
  • “As a student involved on campus, I am running for this position because I want to make sure that students and their funds are being attended to.”

Introducing the candidates to be the next SGA Executive Secretary:

Krisha Rana

  • Major: Exercise Science Concentration in Pre-Clinical Professions
  • “I am running for SGA Secretary because I am passionate about leadership.”

Introducing the candidates to be the next Board of Trustees Student Representative (Alternate):

Mariana Luna Martinez

  • Major: Biology
  • Minors: Leadership Development through Civic Engagement and Public Health
  • “As a first-generation, Latina student, I strive to continue making Montclair State a welcoming, safe, and supportive community not only for current students but for future generations.”

Introducing the candidates to be an SGA Justice:

Yiling Hsu

  • Major: Business Administration concentrating in Marketing
  • Minor: Business Relationships and Professional Selling
  • “I am running for the Justice position because I want to follow the law’s statute to help the Student Government Association.”

Get More Information about the Candidates and Read Their Full Statements!

SGA Debate

Join us and hear from the candidates yourselves and about their visions if elected, at the SGA Debate on Thursday, April 14, 5-6: 45 pm, Student Center Dining Room. See You There!

SGA Voting Period

We encourage you to vote! Our voting period will be on Monday, April 18, beginning at 12 am through Wednesday, April 20 at 12 pm Get More Information on How to Vote!

Graduate students are eligible to vote for the Board of Trustees Student Representative (alternate).


If you have any questions regarding the SGA Elections, please feel free to contact the SGA Elections Committee Chair, Christie Rosales Herrera at [email protected] or direct message us on Instagram sga_msu.

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