Readers react to plans for Earnse Bay education hub

READERS have responded to plans to build a new education hub at Earnse Bay – and the reaction has been mixed.

Earnse Bay at North Walney is the proposed site for the construction of a new outdoor activity center for Cumbria County Council (CCC) and an outdoor education facility for Natural England.

The enterprise is part of the Community Hubs scheme – one of seven projects that will be funded via the Town Deal, led by Barrow Borough Council.

It is enabled by the £25m of funding which was made available by the Government through the Barrow Town Deal.

MP for Barrow and Furness Simon Fell used the term ‘exciting’ to describe the project because it ‘offers real opportunities for locals, schools and also tourism’ but how did our readers respond?

The Vindicator said: “Exciting for those with an existing or vested interest, but what about the rest of us Walney locals who have managed for years?

“Previous shops-closed, previous community center closed, teas and pees available at several Walney outlets, an education facility distant from the nature reserve (the use of north Walney by groups has always been limited by access) what is this really going to provide that is novel?

“Is this more about a real need, or is it more creating needs to fit the availability of funding?”

Bonkersbarrow said: “I’m not sure about this and who it is intended to serve. It’s one thing getting the funding to set it up but long term is a different story. These types of facilities are shutting all over the country as Council budgets can’t maintain them. Strange idea.”

Lorraine Huddart had a different response, but still had reservations: “Good idea. But how about doing something with the cycle hub that was supposed to open at Sandy Gap? Work was commenced a couple of years ago at least but it’s just a derelict mess now. How much money has already been wasted on that?”

Michael Fell was more positive: “I’m all for it … people will always have something to moan about !!! Get a life !!!”

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