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Pewaukee High School employees working to help with bus driver shortage

Sometimes solving a problem takes out-of-the-box thinking, and a recent solution by two Pewaukee School District employees likely fits that bill.

Pewaukee High School principal Brian Sniff and athletic director Jeff Behrens decided to get their commercial driver’s licenses to enable them to work as backup bus drivers at a time when bus driver shortages are affecting the district.

Both decided to go that extra mile after seeing the effect of those shortages on away athletic events last spring.

Most of the time, students had to leave school early and go to the other school and sit in the cafeteria to get homework done or hang out until their competition started, according to Sniff.

“The challenge with that is we had kids missing school as a result of it because they were having to leave much earlier than they were supposed to. We had teachers missing school because they’re coaching these sports. So we have to find coverage for the last period of the day usually, if not a little bit more. It was just having a tremendous impact on the learning environment with kids and coaches leaving early,” said Sniff.

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