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Peaceful rally held at Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School as police investigate knife incident

HAMLET, Ind. (WNDU) – Bobcat police and Starke County Sheriffs are investigating surveillance video of a student pulling a knife on another student last Friday.

“We did have an incident on one of our school buses Friday night,” says William Bennett, the school’s Superintendent.

Oregon-Davis student, Isaiah Allsop, says that he was threatened with a pocketknife on his way home from school Friday evening, and reported the incident to the bus driver.

However, his mother and stepfather say that the principal wasn’t made aware of the incident until they alerted her, and say they are less than pleased with how they feel the school has handled the situation.

“It just makes no sense how the kid’s not expelled immediately. That’s what kind of gets me. So we met with them Tuesday, her and Emily Duval, the Principal, and Bill Bennett, the Superintendent. Basically, got nowhere,” says Brandon Dickson, Allsop’s stepfather.

According to the school, the situation has been dealt with, but they just aren’t allowed to share information about what has happened to the student.

“It’s been dealt with administratively, but when it comes to school discipline, we can’t talk about the actions that are taken against other students,” Bennet says.

However, a rally in front of the junior/senior high school this morning brought attention to the fact that many parents feel as though the school does not properly handle situations like these.

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. The fact that there was no communication with the parents,” says Justin Risner, an Oregon-Davis parent.

Parents say they hope that they can work with the school to get rid of bullying and harassment, and help make students and their children feel safer at Oregon-Davis.

Dickson says, “It’s not right for us to have to uproot our kids, take them out of school and maybe send them to another school. That’s not fair.”

The superintendent told 16 News Now that they want to work to listen to parents and students concerns and try to address them.


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