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Huron Plainsman | Huron High School 2022 athletic awards

ALL ESD – Boys Soccer – Tah Hey Lawla Htoo, Ronaldo Pineda, Sha M Sher, Abner Garcia Garcia; Boys Golf – Landon Roberts; Volleyball – Emily Dale, Brynn Gose, Bryn Huber; Football – Ethan Remington, Jayden Beck; Wrestling – Moses Gross, Ehler Clay, Htee Htoo; Girls Basketball – Isabella Shreeve, Hamtyn Heinz; Track 2021 – Quinston Luellman, Brynn Gose, Jayden Beck; Girls Golf 2021 – Bryn Huber.

Reese Rozell, center, receives the Sandy Schaffer Memorial Award from Marlene Schaffer, left, and Marilee Rounds, right.

All-State Team – Girls Tennis – Bethany Engelhart, Say Ma, Ann Hoek, Bianca Medina; Boys Golf – Landon Roberts; Volleyball – Emily Dale; Football – Ethan Remington, Jayden Beck; Wrestling – Moses Gross, Ehler Clay, Htee Htoo; Girls Basketball – Isabella Shreeve; Girls Golf 2021 – Bryn Huber; Boys Tennis 2021 – Roger Puterbaugh and Hay Klu Moo Taw.

MOST IMPROVED – Boys Soccer – Biat Say; Girls Soccer – Paw Eh Kyi; Girls Tennis – Elizabeth Heinen; Boys XCC – Cheech Harman; Girls XCC – Lily Meyer; Comp Cheer – Tahtiana Capers; Competitive Dance – Jillian Reno; Boys Golf – Peyton Grace; Football – Blake Hofer; Volleyball – Karsyn Kopfmann; Gymnastics – Maria Wilson; Girls Wrestling – Victoriah Buffington; Boys Wrestling – Bryan Ramirez; Girls BB – Isabelle Ellwein; Boys BB – Reilyn Zavesky; Boys Tennis – Moo Gay; Girls Track / Field – Emily Dale; Boys Track / Field – Isaiah Decker; Girls Golf – Libby Picek.

TIGER AWARD – Boys Soccer – Edvin Bautista Rosales; Girls Soccer – Paw Hser Eh; Girls Tennis – Anne Claire Rubish; Boys X-Country – Will Radke; Comp Cheer – Adison Gross; Comp Dance – Katelyn Radke; Boys Golf – Landon Roberts; Football – Eh Hser Htoo; Volleyball – Reese Rozell; Gymnastics – Katelyn Radke; Girls Wrestling – Ehler Clay; Boys Wrestling – Will Radke; Girls BB – Reese Rozell; Boys BB – Brandon Decker; Boys Tennis – Lah Doh Soe; Girls Track / Field – Reese Rozell; Boys Track / Field – Dylan Lichty; Girls Golf – Kenya Bigelow.

MOST VALUABLE – Boys Soccer – Tah Hey Lawla Htoo; Girls Soccer – Ae Si Lar; Girls Tennis – Bianca Medina; Boys X-Country – TJ Lien; Girls X-Country – Josie Vlieger; Comp Cheer – Brenden Matthews; Comp Dance – Mattlyn Fryberger; Boys Golf – Landon Roberts; Football – Jayden Beck; Volleyball – Emily Dale; Gymnastics – Adison Gross; Girls Wrestling – Htee Htoo; Boys Wrestling – Moses Gross; Girls BB – Isabella Shreeve; Boys BB – Max Kranzler; Boys Tennis – Roger Puterbaugh; Girls Track / Field – Zaniyah Lanier; Boys T / F – Quinston Luellman; Girls Golf – Bryn Huber.

From left: Reese Rozell, Emily Dale, Eh Hser Htoo and Ethan Remington received the H-Club Scholarship Award.

Huron Junior Athletics Scholarship – Drew Arteman and Cade McNeil.

H-Club Scholarships Award – Emily Dale, Reese Rozell, Eh Hser Htoo, Ethan Remington.

Sandi Schaffer Memorial Award – Reese Rozell.

Dale Westberg Memorial Award – Will Radke.

Dennis Busch Memorial Award – Roger Puterbaugh.

Male Athlete of the Year – Max Kranzler.

Female Athlete of the Year – Reese Rozell.

Three Sport Award – Max Kranzler – football, basketball, track / field; Will Radke – cross country, wrestling, track / field; Reese Rozell – volleyball, basketball, track / field.

Mark Wendelgass Tiger Roar Scholarship Award – Jazz McGirr and Roger Puterbaugh.

Connie and Danny Hofer, of Ryan’s Hangar Restaurant, accept the Friends of Tiger Roar Award from Jodi Hegg, left.

Friend of Tiger Roar – Danny, Connie and Ryan Hofer of Ryan’s Hangar Restaurant and Ace Lounge.

2021-22 H-CLUB COACH OF THE YEAR – Head Boys Golf Coach Kyle Johnson and Head Girls Golf Coach Chris Rozell.


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