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Gazette readers views on school uniforms being scrapped

OUR readers have had their say on whether school uniforms should be scrapped to allow children to wear their own clothes.

The government announced last year that schools will remove brands from their uniforms to make buying them more affordable.

Parents are now able to buy uniforms from supermarkets and online for cheaper than they would have previously.

Here’s what you had to say about whether school uniforms should be scrapped altogether.

Sam Paterson said: “No because the children whose parents can’t afford named clothes will get bullied.”

Nathan Gladman agreed with Sam and said: “I agree with you bullying would increase, plus it gets them prepared for work life as most people have to wear uniforms.

“Plus they look smarter and have pride in themselves.”

Beatrice Goodchild added to this and said: “Children will always find something to bully even with uniform, like how new your uniform is or your bag shoes etc.

Laura Little said: “Would save parents a lot of money. However then the children would lose that respect of looking smart for something important which carries on after school- jobs etc.”

Tori Joy said: “I think uniform rules should be relaxed to allow kids to wear black jeans and black trainers too.

“That way parents/guardians don’t have to worry about buying two school specific items of clothing.

“Blazers and jumpers should also be more affordable.”

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