Falmouth Coachworks student block to move windows

An application to move the location of some windows on a 134-bed student block being built in the former Falmouth Coachworks has been given approval.

The builders of the development in Strongman’s Yard, Penwerris Lane, Falmouth applied to Cornwall Council to substitute its original designs for windows with another set of drawings with the windows in a different place.

However the innocuous looking application was objected to by nearby neighbors who said the changes would mean students looking straight into their homes.

Ms Anne George, in a comment submitted in October last year: “This development sits very close to a number of residential properties with views overlooking properties in Penwerris Lane and Meadowbank. There was discussion at appeal about the issues local residents raised about privacy and we were assured that obscured glass would be used in all relevant windows. We were also told that there would be restricted opening of windows to prevent high levels of noise affecting the local area.”

While Mrs Amanda Baker said the development was approved at appeal based on obscure glass and restricted opening of windows.

“I live next door to the development at Trencrom Top Flat and I can view from my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom unrestricted views into the students bedrooms and communal corridors. Likewise they can see into my rooms. The window restrictions have been removed in part by the students on the other kitchen blocks so the noise from the building has increased. This has affected our wellbeing continuously ensuring that all blinds and curtains are closed in our flat which is depriving us of natural sunlight.”

The development involved the demolition of the existing workshops and replacement with a 134 bed student accommodation scheme with associated facilities and infrastructure, a common room, laundry, office and bin store and cycle storage.

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