eBay buys NFT marketplace KnownOrigin, and it could change everything

Major retail platforms have danced around NFTs for the last year. The likes of Epic Games Store have offered mixed signals, but not so eBay. Today it’s taken the leap and bought one of the biggest and most respected NFT marketplaces around. And its undisclosed offer for KnownOrigin is sending ripples through the metaverse.

KnownOrigin is one of the most recognized NFT marketplaces. The platform, which offers artists and creators a space to sell, resell and collect NFTs, is ranked 12th in the world for trading volume, according to crypto tracking site DappRaadar (opens in new tab). The deal with eBay means the auction platform will own everything, including KnownOrigin’s tech, IP and team.

This could be the first step on the ladder for NFTs to break into the mainstream

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