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David Beckham Fearing For His Family After Stalker Arrived At Daughter’s School

David Beckham feared for his family’s safety after an alleged stalker, who believes she is the mother of his daughter, turned up at the child’s school, a court heard.

Sharon Bell, aged 58, is said to believe that Beckham and his wife Victoria stole her eggs and she is the legitimate mother of 10-year-old Harper.

The court were told of how she is under the crazy belief that she was in a relationship with the former Manchester United and England star.

Sharon Bell believes David and wife Victoria stole her eggs, and 10-year-old Harper is her biological daughter. Pic: Getty Images

Ms Bell arrived at Harper’s primary school in a bid to speak to her. The court heard that she was there when Victoria arrived to collect her daughter.

She also tried to visit the Beckhams’ homes in Oxford and London in July and September last year, after sending a series of letters to both locations.

Watford native Sharon Bell previously pleaded not guilty to stalking and is facing trial next month, on July 12.

Ms Bell arrived at Harper’s primary school to attempt to speak to the child. Pic: David Beckham / Instagram

Prosecutor Arizuna Asante, at a hearing on Friday, said Beckham: ‘Felt threatened, he felt frightened for the safety of his family, and he believed this behavior was targeted and intimidating.’

She added: ‘He says he does not know the defendant and she is not the mother of his children.’

Victoria Beckham
District Judge Michael Snow branded the allegations as ‘absolutely bizarre.’ Pic: Getty Images

Bell did not attend the hearing as she has been sectioned in hospital.

Lisa Wilson, Ms Bell’s lawyer said that if her client is not found to be insane by the court then the Beckhams should be called as witnesses so they can be questioned regarding the claims. The Beckhams have already disclosed that they will be on holiday during the trial.

Ms Wilson said that this would include putting the suggestion to former Posh Spice that she ‘conspired with David Beckham to steal the eggs of Sharon Bell.’

The Beckhams will be on vacation when the trial takes place. Pic: Victoria Beckham / Instagram

District Judge Michael Snow branded the allegation as ‘absolutely bizarre.’

‘There is a risk of the family suffering further harassment, alarm of distress because of delusional allegations being put to them,’ he said, adding it is in the interests of justice that their statements be read.

A civil interim stalking protection order was extended until the end of the proceedings, which he said would likely result in a hospital order.

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