UFC fighter starts side hustle of selling organic soaps ahead of holiday season

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell appears to have embraced the ‘hustle culture’ that has been endorsed by famous entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk.

‘Thug Nasty’ announced via Instagram that he has released a range of organic soap bars that are available in a wide variety of scents. Mitchell emphasized that the goal of his venture is to create a healthy product that doesn’t contain toxins or impurities that could enter the body.

According to the UFC fighter’s Instagram post, the soap bars are available on his website thugnasty.com. Mitchell stated the following:

“Judys Soap is here! we are only sellin 9 boxes in bulk rite now. individual bars r comin n the future!! mine and Judys main concern is ur health and there is absolutely NO stupid ingredients n these. cause ur skin actually absorbs toxic crap thats n most soaps. these r pure soap and we will b makin more as soon as these ones sell…”

See the post below:

Bryce Mitchell was recently defeated for the first time in his career, after being submitted by Ilia Topuria at UFC 282. ‘Thug Nasty’ briefly mentioned thoughts of retirement in a behind-the-scenes video released by the UFC.

It could be that the UFC fighter is starting to prepare for a life away from the octagon. Or Mitchell could be exploring another passion project, similar to the rap music career he began a year ago.

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell reflects on first loss of his career at UFC 282

Bryce Mitchell has been left with feelings of frustration following a tough night at UFC 282. ‘Thug Nasty’ was dominated by Ilia Topuria from the opening bell, and absorbed powerful shots to the body and head before being submitted in round two.

Mitchell released a message online following the bout assuring fans that he was feeling all right. But the UFC fighter admitted that he went into the fight compromised, as he was battling the flu.

‘Thug Nasty’ wishes he “never even took the fight” in hindsight and said the following about his loss at UFC 282:

“I definitely gotta let you know that that really wasn’t me out there. I had the flu the week before and I thought I’d just tough it out. I didn’t feel good in there, that wasn’t myself and I trained a lot harder and could’ve performed a lot better. I went in there with stuff hurting and I wish I never even took the fight.”

Watch the video below:

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