This man lets critters sting and bite him for science. Here are his top three most painful

When a teddy bear bee once flew inside Sam Robinson’s house, he deliberately let it sting him.

“The kids had left the door open and this great big, big teddy bear bee had flown in one afternoon on a weekend,” he tells RN podcast What the Duck?!

“I ran downstairs, grabbed the net and caught it, stung myself, took a photo of it. And then 5 minutes later, it’s back out the door.”

The teddy bear bee (amegilla bombiformis) sting has a pain level of 2.5 out of 4, according to Dr. Robinson, who is a molecular biologist at the University of Queensland.

And this bee is not the only creature (or plant) that Dr Robinson has deliberately allowed to sting or bite him — all in the name of science.

But why?!

Dr Robinson investigates plant and animal toxins in order to seek out potential biomedical applications, and part of that is understanding how they affect the body.

“I’m interested in what different animals and plants are using to defend themselves, and how those molecules work on the human body right down at the nitty gritty molecular level,” Dr Robinson says.


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