How to get Physics mod for Minecraft Java Edition

Although Minecraft certainly has its own physics engine built within Java and Bedrock’s codebase, some players might like to see a substantial improvement to the engine. This is exactly what the Physics mod can accomplish for Minecraft: Java Edition players.

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A highly-customizable mod that adds a bevy of different physics depending on the version installed, the Physics mod introduces mob ragdolls, fragmenting blocks, collapsing structures, and items that no longer float above the ground. This mod admittedly won’t be ideal for players on low-end machines, but if your hardware can facilitate the mod, it’s an entirely new way to experience the game.

Here’s how players on Java Edition can access this mod.

Installing and using Minecraft’s Physics mod on Java Edition

A cow is launched into the air in the Physics mod (Image via Mojang)

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Installing the Physics Mod with Forge:

  1. Head to the mod’s site and navigate to its download page. Select the latest version that matches your version of the game. At present, this is version 1.19.3, but you can also download other versions if you aren’t using the latest version of the game.
  2. Once you have the Forge modloader installed as well (, be sure to have your game client closed. Installing Forge will place a mods folder into your primary Minecraft directory.
  3. Download the Physics mod into a folder you can find easily (such as your downloads folder), or just download it right to your desktop.
  4. Enter your Windows search bar and type in %appdata%, which should bring you to the folder that has your .minecraft folder, which you’ll need to open.
  5. With your game folder open, either click and drag the downloaded mod archive (.zip, .RAR, etc.) and place it in the mods folder.
  6. For Mac players, click the Go tab and enter ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft to find your game folder. Follow the same process in Step 5 to add the mod archive to your mods folder.
  7. Open the Minecraft launcher and press play. The mods should load in automatically if it’s compatible. You can check to see if this is the case by selecting the mods tab from the game’s main menu.

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Installing the Physics Mod with Fabric:

  1. After you’ve got Fabric installed, the mods folder should be present in your game directory, just like it would be in Forge. Most mods will require Fabric’s API to work, and you can download this from and it should download as a .JAR file. You can place this .JAR file into your mods folder to make sure you always know where it is.
  2. Download the Physics mod either from the official site or elsewhere. The Fabric version will appear as a .JAR file instead of a file archive in most cases, but you can install it the exact same way.
  3. Simply place the .JAR file in your mods folder and either run the Fabric modloader or run the game directly. The mod should install automatically once the game loads.

Installing the Physics Mod with CurseForge:

  1. Install the CurseForge client by heading to and selecting the appropriate client for your operating system.
  2. Once CurseForge is installed, open the program along with Overwolf. The program should scan your file directories and find any games you have installed.
  3. Select Minecraft from the list of games. If the program asks you to create a profile, be sure to do so, as it only takes a few moments and allows you to mix and match mods at a later date.
  4. Download the Physics mod from where you’ll find an orange CurseForge download button. Upon clicking this link, the download will begin automatically.
  5. Once the download is finished, simply select Minecraft from your game list and navigate to My Modpacks, then press play underneath the thumbnail for the Physics mod.

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Compared to the older days of the world’s most beloved sandbox game, these modloaders allow most mods to easily be installed without worrying about manipulating files or having to mess with folder directories.

Even better, many of these loaders will alert players when a mod has gone out of date, allowing them to access the download page of the mod and update them to reflect the latest version of the game they’re running. This prevents game-breaking bugs or unusual glitches from occurring.

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