5 must-buy Steam Winter Sale deals under $10

When it comes to the Steam Winter Sale, the $10 tag can also offer a lot if a gamer looks at all the options carefully. Ordinarily, not much can be expected from the amount when many AAA titles are listed at $69.99. However, things are different when a sale, such as the current one, is live, and there are plenty of big discounts on hundreds of titles.

Not every deal under $10 is good, and knowing the better ones will be immensely helpful. Let’s look at five amazing deals on the Steam Winter Sale. Some of them cost way more when no discounts are available, whereas the others stand out thanks to their outstanding qualities.

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5 Steam Winter Sale deals below $10 which are too good to turn down

5) Doom Everlasting

Prince: $9.99, INR 449

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Doom Eternal is the most recent addition to the iconic FPS series, which many consider the very origin of the genre. Bethesda shows the Slayer in new colors with this game, as players have to get the planet rid of maniacal demons. While the new release retains the series’ core favourites, many new innovations have been introduced.

Doom Eternal has an epic single-player campaign filled with gore and action. Bethesda has also released plenty of additional content since the game’s release, which has expanded the overall experience.

Players can pick up the base game at a 75% discount, which brings it under the $10 mark for the first time. Other editions are also available at big discounts in the Steam Winter Sale.

4) Borderlands 3

Price: $8.99, INR 448

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Borderlands 3 is the last mainstream entry in the series and has faced some criticism from the community. Many felt that the story misses the strong points found in the previous ones. Thankfully, the Steam Winter Sale has put a massive 85% discount on the base edition of the game. While players won’t be getting extra content with it, the deal is amazing.

While the game could be mixed at full price, the 85% discount makes things much more affordable. It will also allow players to get the more expensive Ultimate Edition, also available at a big discount.

It’s the most comprehensive experience and comes with all the additions made by 2K. It not only allows the game’s shelf-life, but players will also improve their base experience.

3) Disco Elysium Final Cut

Price: $9.99, INR 224

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Disco Elysium was one of the surprise hits of 109, which went on to get a massive amount of critical and commercial success. The results are surprising as the game is extremely different from five other titles.

This uniqueness surrounding its gameplay allowed Disco Elysium to create a special place in the hearts of many players. The Final Cut is the most comprehensive gaming experience, including every update made since its launch.

The Final Cut is available for a steep 75% discount on the Steam Winter Sale. This is the perfect opportunity for those yet to play the game and enjoy all the unique gameplay experiences. While Disco Elysium isn’t for everyone’s liking, the current deal makes it easier for everyone to at least give it a try.

2) Deep Rock Galactic

Price: $9.89, INR 230

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There’s no shortage of online squad-based co-op shooters in today’s market, and a player can choose from plenty of options. That being said, Deep Rock Galactic is perhaps one of the last remnants from previous generations where a game is played just for fun. It isn’t priced very high initially, but the Steam Winter Sale, with its 67% discount, makes the game even more affordable.

The game’s main objective is pretty simple; players play as dwarves, and their job is to mine different resources. Doing so will earn them valuable resources needed to grow their characters, upgrade weapons, and unlock new perks.

The job’s easier said than done, as they will have to bear with some pesky bugs and spiders on their journey. All of this is set to be presented entertainingly, making Deep Rock Galactic an amazing deal during the festive period.

1) The Witcher 3 Complete Edition

Price: $9.99, INR 199

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Some readers might be surprised to see a game released nearly 8 years ago at the top of bargain deals in the Steam Winter Sale. However, there’s a good reason for that, as CD Projekt Red finally released its eagerly-awaited next-gen version on December 14.

This comes with several upgrades and enhancements that bring alive the world of Rivia for everyone. Many in the community feel that the new patch has created a fresh lease of life for one of the best games.

It’s worth noting that the next-gen version has been quite problematic on PC. There have been many problems related to optimizations, but CD Projekt Red has resolved many of them. The patchwork continues as regular updates are being made to remove all the problems plaguing PC players.

With a mammoth 80% discount, it’s well worth taking the gamble and obtaining the game with the current discount on the Steam Winter Sale.

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