You’ve been painting your nails all wrong – a hair clip stops polish getting all over your fingers

PAINTING your nails at home sounds like a great way to save money.

But most of us find that it never looks as good as when the professionals do it.


Sarah Abraham Revealed the easy way to make your at home manicure look more professionalCredit: Tiktok/@abraham.sarah

Whether you struggle with waiting for them to dry or staying within the border, a hack makes your DIY manicure look more professional.

Luckily a woman has revealed the simple solution to make sure you don’t get nail polish all over your fingers.

Posting to TikTok, Sarah Abraham shared the simple solution in a short clip.

“Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life, I’ll go first,” she used a shte audio.

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Sarah then showed herself using a small hair claw on her finger tip to make the skin pull back.

This allows Sarah to paint her nails without getting anything on the skin.

The hack has since gone viral with over five million views and racking up over 200k likes.

People who viewed the video were stunned by the hack, with some hailing Sarah a ‘genius’ and others Confused by what was going on.

One asked: “Am I the only person who doesn’t get it?”

To which another person responded: “It’s supposed to hold back the skin so the nail polish only remains on the nail and doesn’t go onto the skin.”

another commented: “Genius.”

A third penned: “Stop it….. this is amazing!!”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “Okay this is genius.2

And a fifth wrote: “Life changing.”

The hack ensures you get a cleaner painting job without your skin getting in the way


The hack ensures you get a cleaner painting job without your skin getting in the wayCredit: Tiktok/@abraham.sarah

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