Young men learn lessons on respect from ‘Project Alpha’ seminar

PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) – The Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity wants to spread a message of respect for young men in the community. That goal was at the center of the event they held Saturday at the Tri-County Urban League.

‘Project Alpha’ is a national health and wellness seminar, hosted by the Kappa Pi Lambda chapter of the fraternity. It’s geared towards giving those in their teenage years a better understanding of what intimacy and physical interactions mean as you grow older. That includes topics like consent and STDs to how relationships are portrayed in media.

During their presentations, organizers worked to teach lessons that would empower attendees to make good decisions, while acting as a positive influence in their community. They say that impact goes beyond just making a difference for people you surround yourself with.

“The main message we want to get out to them is respect yourself and respect others. If you do that, everything else can follow along, ”says Michael Riley, the President of the Kappa Pi Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha.

For fraternity members, a valuable part of the seminar was providing the right resources for local kids. That includes having men outside of their own families they can talk about topics like these if questions arise. For Patrick Faggett, the Project Alpha chair, it’s a message that deserves to go beyond the walls of the seminar room.

“It’s up to us as the community that’s closest to them to make sure that we’re having those conversations and engaging with them so that they’re not solely taking all the information that they learn about life and relationships from a TV show,” he says.

Organizers added they wanted the young men to leave the event with positive energy, sending them off with the hope they carry inspiration to become agents of change themselves.

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