Why new JCPS student assignment changes must focus on equal education

And where state and local governments have chosen to provide education, it must be provided in equal measure. ” – Brown v. Board, 1954

We asked for equal education.

Over 60 years later and we are here. We are burdened with the weight of being used as placeholders in the pursuit of integration. Black people are asked to hold the place in the picture, yearbook and on the school website to make our schools look diverse. The reality, when the camera is removed, is that in many cases throughout Jefferson County Public Schools, we are also removed.

For more than 40 years, JCPS has held our place and kept us in place. This is a place of inferior programming, inferior facilities, inferior staffing and most damaging inferior achievement. To be clear, the place has not been created by any one superintendent, Board, Central Office or individual school. It has been created and perpetuated by the system of forced integration and it is time for the system to change.

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