We wandered into the Crane Lane

Majella Harty met Ken Harte when he was playing a gig in the Crane Lane.

“It was one of those Saturday nights where I had friends down from Dublin who were mad for a night out, as they had left their other halves and young kids behind them. I was less bothered, as I was free and single to mingle any night of the week.

“We wandered into the Crane Lane, as one of the girls saw a poster for a live band and decided there were one or two ‘cuties’ among them. I reluctantly agreed.”

Ken was instantly taken by the triathlete drinking G&Ts.

“I first met Majella at the Crane Lane in Cork. I was playing a gig that evening and hanging around with my bandmates after setting up.

“From nowhere, this vision walked, or maybe staggered, towards me, and asked if there was a band playing later and if they were any good, to which I replied they were not to be missed and outrageously good.”

Majella Harty and Ken Harte

Majella said the information was offered, rather than requested.

“I wasn’t long in the door when I was informed that the band was brilliant and not to be missed.

“My informant turned out to be one of the ‘cuties’ and played the bass guitar.”

Regardless, the pair were quick to come back to each other after the gig.

“After the gig, the temperamental rock star managed to take my number off me, clearly too many G&Ts were involved and over-zealous gang of friends.”

The pair met for a meal a few weeks later. Majella said she was feeling the effects of a Kerry wedding the day before and Ken was keen for an Indian at his local.

Ken Harte and Majella Harty
Ken Harte and Majella Harty

Ken said: “I think Majella was a bit underwhelmed when I suggested a casual Indian, rather than being whisked away and winded and dined, but it was 6pm on a wet Tuesday evening!

“Majella later said she was taken aback when the waiter asked if I wanted my usual table, obviously thinking I had taken many dates there, but it’s a favorite restaurant of my son and I. Luckily, we both got on very well and the conversation never stopped.”

Majella said she left the date thinking Ken was a lovely character, with great manners.

Ken Harte and Majella Harty Kayaking in Milford Sounds New Zealand.
Ken Harte and Majella Harty Kayaking in Milford Sounds New Zealand.

They met again a month later, Majella somewhat disheveled, arriving fresh from a run, and Ken a little distracted, due to the intrigue of an Ireland rugby game on the television, but something special was brewing.

Majella said: “The banter really flowed that night and he seemed more interested in how far I had run than my unwashed hair!”

Ken said Majella’s strong personality shone through from the start.

Majella Harty and Ken Harte HIMMP
Majella Harty and Ken Harte HIMMP

“Her vibrant, sassy, ​​no-nonsense attitude won me over. She can’t sit still for too long and is always on the go and when at peak training can be as hard as nails, but underneath she is a softie. She won’t appreciate me saying that!”

They have been together for seven years and married for four and have an 18-month-old son.

Ken Harte and Majella Harty
Ken Harte and Majella Harty

Ken said: “We got married in 2018 and welcomed our beloved, mischievous scamp of a boy into our lives in 2021. I think Majella has plans for him to do his first triathlon in his teens, and as long as he has a bass guitar in the booth and a gig to go to, we will both be happy.”


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