We Look At The Python Patrol Viper Coming To Target


GI Joe Week continues here at BC as we take looks at some new figures coming from Hasbro this summer after many months of waiting. They recently sent us a giant box of Joes to show you all, and today we will be looking at one of the figures in the next iteration of Target exclusives, Tiger Force Vs Python Patrol. Fan-favorite sub-brands in the GI Joe line for years, these Classified figures will start popping up in stores in the next couple of months, featuring deco exclusive to these releases. The figure we have to show you today is the Python Patrol Viper, the third variation of the Cobra specialty trooper to come to Classified.

GI Joe team: Release All The Vipers You Want

I am a little sad that the packaging for GI Joe Classified is ending. I will miss the big window on the front showing off the figure inside, but I also like the Earth and care about it not dying, so I can keep buying figures, so in the end, I am okay with it. This figure still has it, and the new design for Python Patrol really pops with the reds and yellows. At least we will have more opportunity to see the sweet artwork they put on the side of the box now and not just a silver.

For those of us who have the other two Viper releases, there is nothing too new here. The deco to make this Python Patrol is what is new, and it really looks sweet on the figure. I love the snakeskin paint aps that doubles as cammo; it really makes the figure stand out. Once again, this is my favorite trooper in the line so far. He is easy to pose, his backpack is finely detailed, and it is easy to switch out his weapons. Like the first couple of releases, though, I will never understand the goggles. They do not fit over his helmet at all and fall off if someone breathes within 100 feet of the figure.

GI Joe Week: We Look At The Python Patrol Viper Coming To Target

I am so excited to get the rest of this subline, though. The Viper can come out in any variation, and I will buy it; it is one of the best Hasbro figures they have ever produced as a company. My heart lies with Outback, though, and the Tiger Force version coming to Target is my most anticipated figure of the year, so I am basically counting down the days until I receive it. Target has preorders up still for a couple of these, but sadly most preorders sold out. They should be hitting shelves and in much better numbers than previous GI Joe Target exclusives in the next few weeks.

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