Warning issued after youths found swimming in old reservoir

A warning has been issued for people not to go swimming in the reservoir at Ravensdale after Gardai discovered a number of youths swimming there yesterday.

he Ravensdale Community Alert has appealed to parents “to remind your kids that gardai will be patrolling and that swimming is absolutely prohibited.”

The warning comes as the current heatwave is expected to last until Sunday.

The RNLI, Irish Coast Guard and Water Safety Ireland have urged people to be aware of the dangers of cold-water shock. This can seriously affect breathing and movement and can occur in any water temperature below 15c.

The importance of being aware of the dangers posed by cold water was highlighted by Kevin Rahill, RNLI Water Safety Lead, Roger Sweeney, Water Safety Ireland and Gerard O’Flynn, Irish Coast Guard in a joint statement:

“With the good weather and high temperatures forecast to last right through to the weekend, we want to remind everyone to attend to their personal safety. With so many people enjoying the water this summer, it is important that we all know the risks. The sea can be unpredictable, and even with the soaring temperatures, the fact is that the water is still relatively cool compared to air temperatures.”

Cllr Andrea McKevitt of the Louth Branch of Water Safety Ireland has also called on people “to be mindful when going to our lakes and beaches, always make yourself aware of the dangers posed in open waters and if in doubt don’t go in. ‘

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