Waianae teen boxer suspended from league after apparently brutally beating another student


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – An up and coming teen boxer from Waianae has been kicked out of the league, after an apparent video of a brutal beating surfaced online.

The video, which we are not showing due to the ages involved, reportedly shows 17-year-old Joven Lopez and three other teens attacking another student along the sidewalk.

WAKO team USA kickboxing announced Tuesday that Lopez was suspended from the upcoming junior world championship and all other events indefinitely.

Just a few weeks ago, the Waianae teen was set to represent the United States at the World Youth Kickboxing Championships in Italy.

In the video, the victim Deizel-James Vicente does not appear to fight back. He’s punched and kicked repeatedly while trying to protect himself on the ground.

Vicente said he suffered a potentially dangerous brain bleed as a result.

“We personally have nothing against him,” said Vicente. “Like sorry he was suspended from WAKP but I just feel like it’s not cool for him to do that.”

He added, “Throwing hands before asking questions, that’s not cool. Especially for everyone. I wasn’t fighting back. I had no help.”

HNN has reached out to Lopez, but he has since deactivated his social media accounts.

We also reached out to the Department of Education and HPD but have not heard back yet.

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