UMich YDSA chapter rallied for student workers to receive $ 15 / hour

The Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) chapter at the University of Michigan held a labor rally Sunday afternoon at the Diag. The rally was a part of YDSA’s campaign to get the University to implement a $ 15 hourly minimum wage for student workers at all three UM campuses.

The rally featured speakers who discussed the current minimum wage as well as compensation for the field work that Social Work masters students are required to complete. YDSA emphasized their support for Payments for Placements(P4P), the Social Work student organization advocating for paid field work. YDSA also mentioned the Starbucks Workers United movement in Ann Arbor, which supports policies extending full minimum wage to tipped workers.

Public Policy junior Mahnoor Imran, a YDSA member, kicked off the event with a discussion of the rising cost of living in Ann Arbor. As tuition rises and groceries become more expensive, Imran said, student wages determine the standard of living students can access.

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