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Transgender girls should be allowed to compete against biological females in school sports, according to SNP ministers

TRANSGENDER girls should be allowed to compete against biological females in school sports, according to SNP ministers.

Guidance sent to teachers states that if secondary schools organize PE classes by sex, a transgender pupil “should be allowed to take part within the group which matches their gender identity”.


Scottish Tory MSP Meghan Gallacher hit out at the adviceCredit: Alamy

Non-binary youngtsers should be asked “which group they would feel most comfortable with”.

The Supporting Transgender Pupils In Schools guidance was issued last year with a specific section on sports competitions and PE.

On competition it states teachers should “take account of the age and stage of development of the participants”.

And for “inter school competitions” it suggests teachers should “speak to the equivalent staff in the other school (s) to let them know there is a transgender young person in your team / competition but only with the young person’s consent”.

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The document emerged just days after Boris Johnson said transgender women should not be allowed to compete against biological females in sporting competitions.

It appears to put the Scottish Government at odds with UK ministers on the controversial issue.

Scottish Tory spokesman on gender reform, Meghan Gallacher, said: “Our party position is that women’s sports should be reserved for female athletes.

“It’s deeply unfair to women that they could be beaten by another person who has biological advantages they don’t. It’s against the spirit of fair sporting competition.

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“The problem doesn’t just happen at elite level, where women who worked hard to become champions suddenly find themselves being beaten, but at the school and community level.”

The Conservatives will this week publish their local authority election manifesto which will include a pledge to reserve the right of women to have female-only spaces.

Last week British Cycling suspended its policy on transgender cyclists insisting it was “unfair on all female riders”.

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It follows a row in America ast month when swimmer Lia Thomas won a 500m freestyle title – making history as the first known transgender athlete to win a US college swimming championship when she took the title in Atlanta.

Before transitioning Ms Thomas had ranked 554th in the men’s 200 yard freestyle and 65th in the 500 yard freestyle.

But the University of Pennsylvania swimmer soared from a mid-500s ranking in men’s competition to one of the top-ranked swimmers in women’s competition.

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A Scottish government spokesman said: “Every child and young person, including those who are transgender, deserves the right to feel happy, safe and respected at school.”

They said the guidance “clearly sets out the considerations that schools should make when considering PE and school sport, including in primary schools, school sports days, and in secondary schools,” adding: “This guidance is intended to create the right environment for every. pupils so they can fully participate in their education and chive their potential. “

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