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Toto Wolff has claimed Mercedes will not copy Red Bull or Ferraris designs despite the team previously claiming they would look into it. Wolff said the Silver Arrows would “never copy any opponent” in a bid to bring their car back to the front.

Instead, Mercedes said they had looked at some of the solutions on their rivals’ cars which could be the best designs. Wolff made the comments after he was asked whether Mercedes will keep using their current model or copy Red Bull and Ferrari’s guidelines.

He told Motorsport.com Italy: “We don’t have a preference for that, something that has directed us in a specific direction. In the end, it is a question of having the fastest car, we will never copy any opponent but we may have analyzed some solutions present on the cars that we believe are the best.

“We ask ourselves questions, they are discussed and the answers must arrive by September.” Wolff’s comments come months after Mike Elliott claimed the team would be looking at developing other teams’ designs onto their own package.

He explained: “I think we’d be silly not to have a level of humility that you think you’ve potentially got it wrong and you go and look at what everybody else has done.

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Many of Mercedes’ power-unit customers such as Aston Martin and Williams have copied Red Bull’s sidepod design for their own cars. However, the Silver Arrows claim it was bits underneath the car which made the biggest difference.

Elliott explained: “It’s the detail in the floor design. We’ve evaluated some of the concepts in that direction. I’m not going to say which way we’re going to go, but we will look at that.”

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