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Kolkata: This Durga Puja, the city will offer an immersive pandal-hopping experience for anyone who may be in another city or country. At least four pandals — Ahiritola SarbajaninDeshapriya Park, Ballygunge Cultural spirit Prattoy’s speech — have tied up with tech-partners to offer people from around the world an immersive experience using metaverse technologies that are extremely popular among online gamers.
Simply put, metaverse is a shared experience in which social spaces are created digitally for people to hang out with friends, relatives or acquaintances. The technology can allow one to watch a movie or attend a concert live with a friend sitting thousands of kilometers away. One can also talk to others face-to-face in real time using metaverse.
“What if you want to visit the puja at Ballygunge Cultural with an uncle living in Chicago and a cousin staying in London. The three of you can join using an avatar and enter the puja pandal. The entire experience will be live and one will be able to join at any time of the day. While visiting the pandal, the three can continue to chat and interact on the metaverse platform,” said Amitava Sinhapresident of Ballygunge Cultural.
“There is a need to change with the times and get in tune with what the younger crowd asks for. Web3 is the third generation in the evolution of web technologies and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence,” said Debashis Datta, executive member of Ahiritola Sarbajanin. The puja has used Akashvani as a theme and will showcase old songs and records. “For someone using metaverse, this will be a great audio-visual treat,” he said.
According to Sukrit Singh, co-founder of the Metaform & XP&DLand, digital and real worlds are converging. “The day is not far when we will toggle between real and metaverse worlds. Here we will recreate the pandals in a 3D mode and users in the metaverse spatial platform will be able to enter the shared social space free of cost. This platform can be accessed using smart phones, tablets or wearables,” he said.


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