The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project hosting a Community Conversation Wednesday, April 6

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Wednesday, April 6, will be the third of the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project’s, or APAEP, 2022 Community Conversation series. This talk will be moderated by Adelle Sefton-Rowston, current Fulbright Scholar with the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project.

Join us to learn more about the social context of justice impact in the Northern Territory in Australia and how prison arts can potentially offer a design for a new world. Hear about her di lei innovative teaching methods using themes of graffiti and street art to build worlds of color, text and paint to disrupt and positively transform material worlds inside and outside the prison.

Adelle Sefton-Rowston is a Fulbright scholar from Australia. She lectures in literary studies at Charles Darwin University and teaches arts education in Darwin Correctional Center. Adelle is a critic, poet and award-winning essayist, and her di lei debut book di lei, Polities and Poetics: race relations and reconciliation in Australian Literature is published by Peter Lang (2021).

Color, Text, and Paint: Building a World that is Full-and-BrightBuild the World You Want to See: A Community Conversation of the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project at Auburn UniversityWednesday, April 6, 202212-1 pm

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