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Surplus notices issued by Catholic school board not the same as ‘pink slips’

Despite having a surplus of educators, the local Catholic school board isn’t expecting layoffs; In fact, it may be hiring.

The information was part of a presentation by Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board human resources superintendent Stephen O’Sullivan Tuesday, May 24 night.

Currently, the board has 883 full-time equivalent teachers (FTE) – 580.6 in elementary and 302.5 secondary – but based on projected enrollment, it needs 871.7, resulting in 52 surplus notices issued to non-FTE elementary teachers and 20 secondary teachers.

However, O’Sullivan explained there is no need to prepare pink slips as enrollment is expected to increase.

“We really won’t know exact numbers until we see the whites of their eyes,” quipped O’Sullivan.

It was also noted that “surplus” does not mean “redundant.”

Some educators have been the recipients of “surplus notices” for close to 10 years but have continued to work each year. Many of the surplus staff members will likely fill vacancies created by retirements and resignations; 26 teachers are set to retire at the end of this school year.

“We are confident that most of our surplus teachers will be awarded postings and / or placed by HR in assignments, including LTO (long-term occasional) assignments, if necessary, for September,” O’Sullivan said.

Trustees also approved a number of principal and vice-principal transfers and appointments.

The transfers and appointments go into effect on Sept. 1.


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