Student stole nearly £ 5000 from Glasgow Fort’s Marks and Spencer ‘to buy a car’

A STUDENT embezzled nearly £ 5000 from Marks and Spencer because he was “saving up for a car”.

Money started going missing from the tills in the Glasgow Fort branch after Marcus Galanti began employment there.

The 24-year-old was caught with £ 1500 stuffed down a sock and admitted taking £ 3000 more over four weeks.

His defense brief told Glasgow Sheriff Court last week that student and American football coach had wanted to use the cash to buy a car.

The depute fiscal told the court the crimes happened between September 13, 2020 and October 11, 2020.

Bosses at the Easterhouse store noticed “significant losses” in the tills during those four weeks.

In real-time Galanti was seen on CCTV taking cash from his till and concealing it somewhere underneath the counter.

He was escorted into a back room and voluntarily produced £ 1500 from his sock.

Under questioning he admitted having a further 3000 hidden in his bedroom at home.

Cops found £ 3320 at his home address and Galanti, from Robroyston, denied spending any of the cash he had taken.

Galanti’s defense brief said he had taken full responsibility for the crime.

The lawyer said: “He was saving up for a car and the insurance cost was high.

“He is ashamed and embarrassed about his actions and he led the police to where the money was.”

Galanti, the court was told, is studying for a business degree and his main income is currently from his student loan.

He also coaches American football for North Lanarkshire Council.

Sheriff Bernard Lunny criticized Galanti for “abusing his position of trust” and “exposing his colleagues to suspicion”.

He said: “This is outrageous behavior.

“For somebody with the opportunities of a student you are not a typical person who finds himself in this court.

“Your record is now blotted with an embezzlement charge.

“Had you bought a car I would have made sure that car was sold.”

Galanti was given a 650 fine with £ 40 victim surcharge and told to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work within 12 months.

Sheriff Lunny added: “Make sure this is a one off.”

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