Seoul To Launch First Test Run Of Metaverse Project

South Korea’s capital city, Seoul is launching its closed test run of the first stage of its metaverse project, called “Metaverse Seoul”, today.

A virtual reconstruction of Seoul city hall and the Seoul Plaza will be featured in the test run. Participants will be able to take part in interactive activities and games in these digital locations.

Selected test users can go for a stroll, interact with virtual animals, read books and enjoy fun activities such as playing in the water.

The test run also features a virtual counseling room for youth. Youngsters can meet and discuss their concerns with mentors in the metaverse in this counseling room. The city feels that this will help ease apprehensions of feeling uncomfortable speaking to a potential mentor in person.

The test run will have about 3,200 participants who are members of Seoul Learn, the city’s online learning platform. It will also have experts from the Seoul IT Tech Governance Group. Seoul will work on the feedback given by these participants and work on an upgrade.

Seoul’s digital policy official Lee Hye-kyung said in a statement, “We will try to provide better services through participants’ feedback on the metaverse platform that Seoul is pushing for.”

By the end of November, the first stage of Metaverse Seoul is planned to officially launch.

The official launch of the first stage will include digital services that citizens can apply and receive various proof documents, and a metaverse complaint center with a live chat service.

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