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Scottsbluff High School prepares to ‘fight the dragons’ with production of ‘Big Fish’ | Education

Will (John Mentgen) spends time with his dad, Edward Bloom (Ayden Reed), while he goes in to see the doctor. Will has a difficult relationship with his storytelling father.


Scottsbluff High School are ready to take the stage in just a few days for its fantastical musical production of “Big Fish,” which will be taking place April 7-9.

The musical follows Edward Bloom, played by senior Ayden Reed, through his recounts of wild tales and travels he tells his son, Will, played by senior John Mentgen. Once Will grows up, however, he isn’t so sure who his father even is, since he never seemed to tell the truth about his life on the road as a travel salesman. Will explores his father’s stories to find the truth before it’s too late.

“(It’s a) great story,” said director Brad Ronne. “There’s funny parts, exciting parts and tear-jerking parts that are going to tug at people’s heartstrings.”

The show is one of mythical proportions with one of Ronne’s largest casts and crews he’s ever had for a show. Junior Brooke Margheim, who plays Edward’s wife Sandra, said it has been a busy few months putting the entire show together.

“It has been so much fun. It’s been really hectic, “she said. “… It’s a lot of costume changes. It’s a lot of set pieces. It’s very fantastical. So there’s lots of crazy elements to the story. “

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GALLERY SHS Musical - dress rehearsal :: 1

Young Will (Micah Fitzke) hops on his dad Edward Bloom’s back while they pretend to fight dragons. Bloom (Ayden Reed) tells his son all kinds of tall tale stories about his life, which Will will have trouble believing that any of them are true.


Reed, who will be performing his last musical of his high school career this weekend, said it’s all gone by fast.

“I’m terribly ready for this Thursday, Friday, Saturday. The show’s really come together really fast, and time’s been flying, “he said. “… With the ending there’s going to be lots of tears. … It’s a good show. I just – I’m not sure I want it to be over just yet. “

For Mentgen, he enjoyed being a part of both cast and crew by helping out with some of the tech side of things. The outlandish show is not short of audio, video and light effects.

“I, along with working as a cast member, have also been helping get technology set up for everything,” he said, “and so it’s been really awesome to see both the cast and characterization stuff come together and then the sets and then technology.” , and just watching the show grow out of the stuff that we’ve done over the past three months. “

Unlike many other musicals Scottsbluff High School has done in the past, this is the first ever production of “Big Fish” for the school, making it not just new for the students, but for the community. Because of its crazy nature, the students encourage the public to come see the eccentric show for themselves.

GALLERY SHS Musical - dress rehearsal :: 1

Edward Bloom (Ayden Reed) sees “the girl he’s going to marry,” Sandra (Brooke Margheim), for the first time at a circus.


“It’s a new show for all of us; We’ve never done it at SHS, “Margheim said. “It’s bigger than probably a lot of shows than we’ve done in the past. There’s more crazy elements. It’s a huge storyline. It’s a giant fantastical story with mermaids and a literal giant and a werewolf. “

Showtimes for “Big Fish” are 7 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 7-9. Tickets are $ 13 per person and available at ronne.com.

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