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If I could harness anyone’s good energy right now, it’d be Olivia Rodrigo’s at the Grammy Awards. The ‘Driver’s License’ singer won so many Grammys last night, she literally had trouble holding them — one even fell and broke apart (don’t worry, her Assistant put it back together!).


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And, if you missed the live-screened event, trust that her look was just as dramatic as that fallen Grammy’s moment. Olivia wore a body-hugging black Vivienne Westwood dress for the night. Adorned with pink crystals, she paired it with matching black gloves and a choker for a look that was just as Trendy as it was Glamorous.

Her hair was styled to be just as glam in shiny, cascading curls that I’d honestly wear myself every day if I could. And, guess what? I can (and, so can you!). If you’re also thinking about emulating the curl wand-friendly look at home, you’ll be happy to know the Hero product in Olivia’s look — the Dove Beauty Hair Therapy Ceramide Brilliant Gloss & Repair — is just $ 7.

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Yep, Olivia’s hairstylist Clayton Hawkins used the Serum in order to give Olivia’s curls a little extra shine (close-up from his Insta, above). But, the glossy Serum doesn’t just add shine to hair. It also features a reparative formula that nourishes damaged hair, sealing split ends. And, as you can it’s Olivia, it doesn’t have an oily or heavy finish. It can easily be used to touch up dry hair that’s craving a bit more glam for a red carpet-ready lewk.

You can shop the $ 7 gloss at Target right now, but if you prefer to Prime something home ASAP, you can get a similar Dove product on Amazon right now. The Dove Nourishing Oil Care Hair Serum, also revitalizes the hair shine, although it’s particularly aimed at soothing frizz at the same time. You can get that one for less than $ 15 — still a total Steal for an award-winning look if you ask me.

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