Schematic design for LHS physical education center wrapping up | News

LINCOLN – The pace of progress is picking up on the development of a physical education center at Lincoln High School.

During last week’s LHS Building Committee meeting, the design / build team for the center presented updated exterior renderings and interior floor plans for the $ 8.3 million building.

They went over possible exterior paint colors, finishes and their respective warranties, plus the location of a Lincoln Lions logo on the building’s facade with architects Robinson Green Beretta Corp. and construction company Ahlborg Construction.

The committee was also presented with an updated interior floor plan. As requested, RGB moved the proposed storage area to maximize space.

They were asked to consider possible color schemes for the lines painted on the floors to delineate various athletic courts, and shown plans for the locker areas.

The project isn’t quite ready to be submitted to the Rhode Island Department of Education for schematic design, since RIDE had a few outstanding questions for the committee. Questions included whether the space would be used for assembly purposes and whether they’ll need air conditioning.

The major question was whether the committee plans for some sort of connector, be it an enclosed hallway or a bridge, between the center and the main LHS campus.

Representatives from Downes Construction Co., the owner’s project manager overseeing the project and RGB indicated last Thursday that the committee will need to decide on a direction to move sooner rather than later.

Whichever option they choose to present to RIDE, it has to be fully designed, they said.

“It’s deeply clear that we obviously don’t have the funds to build the connector right now, but everyone in this room wants it,” said School Committee member Steven Carvalho, who said they need to ensure the center is designed in a way that a connector can be added.

There’s a roughly three-foot elevation change between the existing LHS building and the proposed center. If the committee decides to build a connector in the future, they agreed that they need to take the elevation change into account.

Assistant Supt. Kevin McNamara and Keith Macksoud, Town Council Chair / Building Committee co-chair, agreed that they’d like to see prices for each option before making a decision.

They agreed to discuss the matter further this week.

The design / build team said they’d bring an updated set of plans to this Thursday’s meeting for official approval by the committee.


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