Rishi Sunak warns Liz Truss’s tax cuts alone are ‘not much good’

Liz Truss’s planned tax cuts alone are “not much good”, Rishi Sunak has warned as he said the party risked electoral oblivion in 2024 without providing direct support.

At tonight’s fifth Conservative leadership hustings in Darlington, Mr Sunak has suggested he would commit tens of billions to tackling the cost-of-living crisis, while Ms Truss is yet to be drawn on whether she would provide any direct payments to Britons.

“The only way to help [people] is with direct support,” the former chancellor insisted. “Because tax cuts alone are not much good if you’re a pensioner if you’re not earning any extra money, they’re not much good if you’re working hard on the national living wage because Liz’s tax cut is worth around a quid a week for that person. It’s worth zero for a pensioner. That’s not right.

Without further support, he warned, “not only will millions of people suffer, we will get absolutely hammered when it comes to an election. The British people will not forgive us for not doing that.”

In her own interview with TalkTV’s Tom Newton Dunn, Ms Truss replied: “I believe in Conservative economics, I believe in a growing economy and a growing economy actually brings in more growth in the future.

“Now we are facing great difficulties with energy and I understand people are struggling with their bills on fuel and food. But the first thing we should do as Conservatives is help people have more of their own money. What I don’t support is taking money off people in taxes and then giving it back to them in handouts. That to me is Gordon Brown economics.”

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