RFP for new Warren County Jail design to be released

WARREN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The Warren County Board of Supervisors voted to release the request for design proposals for a new Warren County Jail on US 80.

The Vicksburg Post reported the RFP will be reviewed by an attorney before it’s released to the public. The board will begin accepting proposals for the project once it has been released.

Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace said the jail is due for an upgrade, citing several issues with the facility. The jail was built in 1907 and upgraded in 1977.

Only 92 of the total 128 beds are functional and entire cellblocks can’t be used. One block can’t be used due to a malfunctioning locking system and another can’t be used due to damaged plumbing.

Pace noted that misdemeanor inmates and felony inmates can’t be housed together. This has kept the jail from housing misdemeanor inmates. Instead, they are sent to other counties. Having inmates housed in another county’s jail means the Sheriff’s Office has to pay for the housing and transport of the inmate.

He said the new facility would need to house 300 to 350 people. He also stated that a larger facility would allow for the reintroduction of programs like life skills, GED and road clean-up programs.


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