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In light of the teacher shortage, The World-Herald asked metro Omaha school districts to estimate their expected class sizes at the start of the 2022-23 school year. Districts were also asked if they set definite caps to limit class sizes. Their answers are below:


District officials say they don’t have a cap.


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Elementary: 22-25 students

Secondary: 25-30 students

Douglas County West

District officials say they have guidelines that range from 20 to 25.


The district reviews enrollment on a continuous basis “and the priority is maintaining smaller class sizes in the primary grades.”


The district does not have a specific cap number.


Officials say class sizes will be similar to last school year, when the average class size for elementary was 20.9. Secondary sizes vary widely by subject.

Millard doesn’t use cap. Officials say they watch the numbers carefully and add a section if the number of students gets too high. If they don’t add a section, they offer a para for large classes.


Secondary: Class size varies within secondary schools, according to the district. Classes like physical education and band will frequently have 40 or more students, while highly specialized classes, such as calculus, may include 15 or fewer students. Special education classes are usually small at all levels, with mandatory limits on class size.

Papillion La Vista

Officials say they have guidelines but take into account various factors.


District officials say they try to keep class sizes as consistent as possible. Class sizes are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account factors that impact what’s an appropriate number.

At all grade levels, the sizes are about the same as last year, they said.

Springfield Platteview

Springfield has class size targets, for example, 21 students for kindergarten, first and second grades, and 23 for fifth and sixth grades, but some classes may have more or fewer students than the targets.


The district does not have hard, set numbers for class sizes, according to an official. Rather, it evaluates metrics annually with student services and human resources. Its estimated class sizes for 2022-23 are nearly identical to last school year.

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