Old Naples meets contemporary design

The bates are used to extreme contrasts. They are also used to be stylish trendsetters. When they lived in Derbyshire in England, they took a derelict cotton storage mill that was built in 1812 and turned it into an ultra-modern home on the inside, while keeping its historic look on the outside.

“Our passion was to buy historic buildings and make it very modern inside, but keep the integrity of the building,” says James Bates, who is originally from England. “We made it very modern inside, but retained all the features outside. So when we came to Naples we obviously tried to look to find history and renew for ourselves. There is not too much history in Naples.”

Since they couldn’t find anything old enough to renovate, James and Tara Bates decided to tear down a small old ranch-style home in Naples and build a very modern home on both the inside and outside.

“We decided to do a completely modern home and take it to an entirely different level,” says James. “We chose Old Naples for the beauty of Old Naples and because there is a mix of homes. We thought it would blend in well.”

The kitchen in the Bates home.

The stark white two-story house has a very different look from the neighboring homes. The straight lines and various levels make it look almost like snow white Legos put together to create a unique shape. There is an outdoor spiral staircase that leads to a third-story viewing deck. Long rectangular windows keep the straight line shape. And while everything is white on the outside, a burst of hot pink bougainvillea planted above the garage gives it a vibrant splash of color.

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