No remote French Immersion for ADSB students this fall

Low enrollment, staffing the reason school board says; Parents must decide on English language remote learning for children by Aug. 24

The Algoma District School Board is reminding parents to enroll their children for remote learning for the 2022-2023 school year soon if that’s the educational option parents want for their kids.

Parents must complete a remote learning request form by 12 pm, Wednesday, August 24.

“Due to limited enrollment and staffing demands, the virtual school will be an English program, however, French Immersion students will be supported in transitioning back to Immersion upon return to in-person learning and will have access to Core French while in the virtual program ,” the ADSB stated in its message to parents.

That applies to JK to Grade 8 students.

At the high school level, the board says “due to limited enrollment and staffing demands, the secondary program will be an English program, however, French Immersion courses may be accessed via eLearning and TVO ILC, through ADSB.”

At both elementary and secondary levels, parents choosing remote learning must commit to remote learning for the school year, with only one option to return to in-person learning, which will be in early February, 2023.

There will be no hybrid learning model in 2022-23.

Most, if not all, remote elementary classes will be combined grades – such as Grades 4 and 5 together, or by division, such as Grades 1 to 3 – because of anticipated low enrollment for remote learning.

The remote secondary program will offer access to a variety of eLearning courses through the Ontario eLearning Consortium and limited synchronous course offerings, depending on enrollment.

The conditions on remote learning come as the board expects almost a full return to in-class learning for ADSB students in 2022-23.

“This past year, we were thrilled to have over 98 percent of our students return to in-person learning. We do encourage in-person learning as the best way to maximize learning and social development, however, do recognize that this is a decision based on family circumstances,” the board said while adhering to Ministry of Education rules requiring school boards to offer remote learning. for one more year.

The board says it is maintaining protective measures for students returning to school, such as encouraging hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette – which includes covering one’s nose and mouth if sneezing or coughing, proper disposal of tissues and use of a mask if necessary – enhanced cleaning and disinfecting and additional ventilation measures.

The ADSB says further information about student access to learning during COVID-related absences will be coming at the end of August.

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