NFT Music – 5 Collectibles Ready to Lead the Industry

As technology progresses, the way people enjoy music is totally changing. NFTs have provided the perfect opportunity for event organizers and musicians to distribute their music in novel ways.

The technology helps to streamline the process of organizing events and making sure that tickets can be authenticated easily. As a result, a handful of projects have already started implementing NFT technology into their events and platforms.

These pioneers are using collectibles to lead the NFT music industry in a totally new direction. Owning one of their collectible assets provides exclusive rights and benefits to all holders.

Here are 5 NFT music collectibles that are ready to lead the industry.

5 Collectible Music NFTs Ready to Lead the Industry

  1. CockyAn NFT lifestyle club providing holders access to world-class music events.
  2. Audius – A web-3 streaming platform built for musicians
  3. RefractionDAO – A decentralized global creative community of artists, creators, and fans
  4. Circus Maximus – A Festival in Croatia created by a DAO
  5. Centaurify – A platform to streamline tickets, albums, and collectible NFTs

A Closer Look at the 5 Collectible Music NFTs Ready to Lead the Industry


Cocky is an exclusive NFT lifestyle club ready to lead the industry forward in NFT music. Their NFT collection was created by the Parasol Group, with the main mission to totally change the definition of utility in the industry by providing all its members with access to real-world experiences.

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