New Centre To Provide Education And Skills To Homeless

(Photo via Harvest House)

Harvest House Atlantic hopes a new Center that helps educate individuals using their services can eventually expand to the entire homeless population.

The grand opening of the Skills and Employment Center brought elected officials and prominent community members to Moncton’s High Street on Monday morning.

Harvest House Executive Director Marc Belliveau told the crowd of about 20 that with skills and employment, people can accomplish anything.

At the center, clients can learn budgeting, life skills, how to take care of themselves, and how to be a better member of the community, said Belliveau.

The multi-purpose space has a designated computer lab for GED programming, resume building and job searches supported by community volunteers.

In a soft launch over the past month, about 25 classes have been held by 13 instructors, and 59 people have taken part.

“Harvest House houses 132 people a day, so throughout the week, those 132 people all have chances to come in and take classes. And then we’re looking to expand next into the whole homeless community, so working with all the other agencies to provide them opportunities to come in and use our resources, ”Belliveau said.

He noted that the center has worked to create a bridge between people in the community and individuals at Harvest House who want a better life.

So far, the center has been established entirely through private funding, however, Belliveau hoped the opening could draw in financial aid from the province.

Moving forward, Belliveau said the goal is to “build a directory” of workplaces in the area that are prepared to take a risk on people coming out of their services.

“We need people who are willing to be patient and take a chance on them to make sure they can get the assistance they need, but also have that second chance if they make a mistake.”

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