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GRAND BLANC, Mich. (WJRT) – As Holly residents, business owners and their employees grieve a detrimental loss, a neighboring Grand Blanc business is trying to help take care of those with a long road to recovery.

Great Harvest Bread Company in Grand Blanc announced through their Facebook that they will be giving out a free loaf of bread every week as well as a free lunch every day to Holly employees and the owners of the businesses that were destroyed in Tuesday’s massive fire.

“As a small business owner, this really isn’t a natural feeling to wonder what’s going to happen next,” said owner Scott Sassack. “How do I provide for my employees and how do I make a living? How do I start to rebuild? ”

The local business is also working to raise as much money as they can for each business damaged by the fire through customer donations. Sassack says reaching out has always come instinctively.

“I can’t imagine being put in this position to know what I hope I never do, but to have somebody to actually reach out and help and just ease that burden I got is just a peaceful feeling.

This is just the start to help out Holly. Sassack said he plans to do another fundraiser in the near future.

“If there’s more to be done and we can do it, we’re definitely going to look into it and I’ll reach out and find out what we can but we’ll continue to contribute as much as we can until there’s no more need, ”Sassack said.

To receive a free loaf of bread and daily lunch, employees and owners can visit Grand Blanc Great Harvest Co. with proof of employment of your business that was lost.


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