My hairdresser’s bad Perm ruined my hair…so I took matters into my own hands but a DIY job made things go bad to Worse

THERE’S nothing worse than leaving the hairdresser and feeling disappointed with your new hair.

And one woman knows just how it feels, but was left devastated when things went from bad to worse when she tried to take matters into her own hands.


Jessica Anne’s hair was left frizzy after a bad perm, so she decided to take matters into her own things, but things quickly went from bad to worseCredit: tiktok.com/@jessicaanne77
Jessica took to TikTok to show off the results of her DIY relaxation treatment


Jessica took to TikTok to show off the results of her DIY relaxation treatmentCredit: tiktok.com/@jessicaanne77
Jessica was stunned as her face was falling out in huge clumps


Jessica was stunned as her face was falling out in huge clumpsCredit: tiktok.com/@jessicaanne77

Jessica Anne was left very disappointed after leaving a hair salon with a bad perm, which she claims made her hair ‘frizzy’.

But in the hope that she could fit the bad job, Jessica used a chemical DIY treatment at home.

Much to Jessica’s dismay, things quickly went from bad to seriously bad, as she accidentally fried her hair.

Using chemical treatments on your hair at home can be a huge gamble – you’re either going to get the result you want or you’ll suffer a Brutal loss.

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And that is exactly what happened to Jessica when she decided to remove the bad Perm herself.

Jessica posts on TikTok as @jessicaanne77 and claimed that the Perm had left her hair so frizzy that she decided to get rid of it herself by using a hair relaxing treatment.

Hair relaxing is a permanent straightening treatment that relies on chemicals to break down hair strands, which can result in some serious damage if used incorrectly.

And this is exactly what happened to Jessica – in her TikTok video she showed how her hair was falling out in clumps after using the treatment.

Jessica was left stunned and asked others for advice on what she should do.

Jessica said: “So, a couple of months ago, I got a really bad perm.

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“I mean, it was really bad. Like fried up my hair. It didn’t actually Perm it, it just turned it into horrible, frizzy hair.

“So I waited a few months, I’ve been doing a lot of hair treatments on it and decided I was going to try to pull this Perm out.

“I got a relaxer, I only left it on for a few minutes, but I started to rinse it out.”

Jessica then turns the camera to the sink, where there is a huge clump of hair that has fallen out as a result of using the relaxer.

“That’s just a chunk. It’s bad. I’m scared to death of what my hair’s going to look like in a minute.”

Jessica shows off her hair and is Laughing at how awful her situation is.

She pulls on her hair, to which more clumps of hair fall out, as she says: “It’s falling out”

“Oh my god, what did I do?!”

TikTok users were left shocked, and took to the comments to offer advice.

One user wrote: “Girl you can’t put relaxer on top of Perm like that. I would definitely go to a REPUTABLE stylist to see if they can help you. Look at reviews lol.”

Another added: “Girl I have fried my hair before it is rough.”

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A third commented: “Honey. Omg no. I want to cry for you. As a Retired hairstylist… just shave it off and Invest in a beautiful wig that will make you feel like a 10/10.”

A fourth said: “OMG you need to go to a local stylist bc as a cosmetologist I would recommend a deep cleansing treatment for your hair.”

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