Mother and Daughter Receive Unexpected Visit from Polar Bear

A woman and her teenage daughter in Conche had an unwanted visitor show up on their front step early Sunday morning.

Paula Talbot says that around 1 am she was just getting settled in bed when she heard rumblings at her door. When the noise continued, she got up to investigate. What she saw next was a sight she won’t soon forget.

She crept out of her bedroom and had a line of sight to her front door, where a polar bear was on its hind legs, batting at the door knob and window.

Talbot ran to her closet and called a friend for help. Within five minutes, two men arrived but the bear had begun to go down a side street. She says the men followed the bear for about a kilometer, before it noticed them.

She says the bear made a dash towards the men, who were in a truck, but eventually stopped, and continued walking down the road out of Conche.

She says the men ultimately lost track of the bear, but they could see paths it had created into other yards in the neighborhood.

Talbot says that despite the ordeal, the only damage her property sustained was to the door knob itself.

She says while the incident only lasted around five minutes, it felt like it went on forever.

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