Mediahub launches metaverse partnership with LandVault

RFP process

The Interpublic Group of Cos. agency and LandVault have developed an RFP with questions for existing and potential clients aimed at defining the brand’s knowledge of Web3. The purpose is to help inform the right metaverse strategy for the brands.

“It includes a lot of considerations a traditional media person might not think about,” Laurel Boyd, chief creative media officer at Mediahub, said. “Simple things like ‘Do you want to buy land or are you going to lease land?’ ‘Who from the client side is going to sign off on this and is there a designated team?’ Because it’s almost like a social community, you have to maintain it. It’s not just one and done.”

Huber says he often gets requests from clients and agencies asking for short-term metaverse activations that are “tailored to Web2 key performance indicators” such as frequency, clicks, and reach.

“The metaverse is more of a long-term play,” Huber said. “You need to build a presence in the metaverse and yes, it could be updated around specific events of course, but it’s generally not something that you would just do for two weeks like a banner campaign.”

Mediahub, which opened a metaverse office in December, is also launching its own Web3 offering called Rabbit Hole Ocean, a small team within its creative media group Radical + Disruptive Lab. The offering currently has three employees and will be led by Simeon Edmunds, senior VP and creative director at R+D Lab.

The partnership and new offering come as interest in metaverse work has grown, according to Boyd, who said that around half of Mediahub clients are asking questions about the metaverse, and “roughly 30%” are “interested in really doing something.”

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