MANDEL: No justice for siblings’ family as teen driver sentenced

“We have lost faith in the systems that are supposed to keep us safe,” mother Binta Patel told reporters

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A speeding teen driver who ran down two children in their Vaughan driveway after losing control of his Mercedes has been sentenced to one year of open custody, six-months community supervision and a six-year driving ban.

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The driver, identified only as CZ under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, pleaded guilty in December to two counts of dangerous driving causing death and one of dangerous driving causing bodily harm in the May 16, 2021 incident that killed Anaya Chaudhari, 10, and her little brother Jax, 4, and seriously injured neighbor John Chiarelli.

The children’s mother said they knew in advance that they would not experience any sense of justice from the court’s decision, whatever it was.

“Not only because the Youth Criminal Justice Act protects the limit and length of punishment that is possible but also because we have lost faith in the systems that are supposed to keep us safe,” Binta Patel told reporters after the ruling in Newmarket court.

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“We don’t know if any punishment would have been enough. We all know that this doesn’t change anything for our family. ”

CZ had received his beginner’s permit only a few months before the tragedy. He also had a previous charge for driving without a license that had been withdrawn after he wrote a letter acknowledging the dangers of driving: “If you take someone’s life in a traffic accident you can’t solve that problem, it happened and now you will have to live with that for the rest of your life. ”

Justice David Rose praised the young driver’s academic accomplishments and found “his remorse is both genuine and deep.”

Rose described Anaya as a young girl brimming with life. “At 10-years-old she already had dreams of going to Harvard.”

Jax was energetic and fearless, he said, pushing boundaries as a young boy might.

“What is inescapable is that CZ is a focused, insightful, and otherwise successful 17-year-old. He has accomplished much in his short time, and has set himself on a path for continued success as an adult, ”the judge said.

“I can’t help but to think that if Jax and Anaya were not killed that day they would have had similar lives when each of them turned 17. It is a bitter irony.”

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