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Madera High School students need your help to afford their final hike

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) – A North Valley school is taking action to help students explore the outdoors, but it needs your help.

From the hills to the plains, the Madera High School Hiking Club is covering a lot of ground this semester.

“We did 8 miles which was pretty intense and that was our first hike,” said hiking club advisor Adriana Quintana. “For some of them it was the first time they saw snow in the mountains so it was quite an experience.”

Roughly two dozen students are part of the group, which focuses on getting them outside the classroom. So far the group has hiked Twin Lakes and Table Top Mountain.

“They’ve been really amazing,” said student Abigail Sanchez. “To see the outdoors, nature, things I’ve never seen.”

They’ve also spent time volunteering and giving new life to the Madera High School Garden.

“It’s nice to get off your phone sometimes,” said student Gabriela Hernandez. “We’re all on it so it’s nice to enjoy nature.”

For their final trek they were planning a hike along the coast and have been fundraising this semester.

“Some club members have never seen the ocean, never been to the beach, so that really struck me. I was like, ‘We’re taking you guys to the beach’,” said Quintana.

But the rising cost of gas put those plans on hold.

“I’m still hoping we can make that happen but we need some sponsors,” added Quintana.

The location is still up in the air but the date for their final hike is set for May 23rd.

If you want to help them on their journey you can donate on their GoFundMe.

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