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Three cheers for the nation of Poland and the Polish people. They have opened their homes and their hearts to almost two million Ukrainian refugees. Seventy-five thousand children are already in the Polish education system. We have seen other refugees in other countries end up in camps or makeshift barracks. In this country most of the refugees have gone to homes. A real surprise. It is a lesson in what many countries including the United States could do with incoming refugees fleeing terrible conditions in countries around the world.

The countries surrounding the Ukraine are on the frontline in helping many women and children seeking shelter from the monster Vladimir Putin. It is an important historical moment that is one for teaching and not preaching. We now hope that major religious leaders and moral leaders throughout the world finally stop the ruthless dictators that kill without mercy; Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong Un and Putin. The many lessons of World War II teach us that you can not coddle the moral monsters who prey on children, the old and women. If we do not stop them now they will not stop their reign of terror.


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