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Leavenworth high school students return to masking after prom-related COVID outbreak

LEAVENWORTH – Students must return to wearing facial masks indoors at Cascade High School due to a series of COVID-19 infections linked to spring prom last weekend.

The masking requirement will be imposed Thursday and Friday, with administrators saying it could be extended next week if coronavirus cases increase or do not diminish. Cascade schools outside the high school are not subject to the rule.

The indoor prom was held last weekend at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts outside Leavenworth. By Tuesday, Cascade School District administrators had noticed an uptick in positive COVID tests among students, and reinstituted a “test to stay” protocol for students who attended the event.

An email to parents did not specify how many cases had been discovered. It said only that “several students who attended Prom” had tested positive.

The Chelan-Douglas Health District, which tracks COVID-19 infections and advises local schools on how to respond to new cases, did not immediately answer a request for comment late Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday, administrators sent another email requiring students to mask while in indoor spaces at the high school. “The guidance that we received is that by masking through the end of this week, we can help curtail this latest episode,” the email read. “This includes bussing to and from school and athletics, while in a vehicle.”

Families with students who attended the Cascade prom are “strongly” advised to seek COVID-19 testing, administrators said. Masks will be provided at the high school for students who need them.

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